Services We Offer


Our computerized appointment scheduler allows us to promptly and efficiently schedule appointments. Our receptionists will work with you to accommodate your appointment requests. We will always accept emergencies during our hospital hours for our established patients. If you feel that your pet is having an emergency, please contact us. In the case of a true emergency, we would appreciate any advance notice you can call us with so we can notify our team and prepare for your arrival. Our hospital does not close for lunch, so we are able to accommodate any walk-in appointments or technician services all day for our established patients.

We offer and categorize our appointments by the following, Monday through Friday:

  • Exam Room - Generally 30 minutes for basic preventive care appointments.
  • Drop Off - These pets are kenneled and seen in-between our Exam Room appointments.
  • Anesthetic - Surgical and dental appointments, pets that may require sedation for radiographs or other examinations. We typically schedule 3-5 each day. See our Surgery and Diagnostics section for more information.
  • Boarding and Bath - See our Boarding and Bathing section for more information.
  • Technician Services - Examples of technician services would be: pedicures, anal gland expression, bandage change, suture removal and some select vaccines. These services do not require an appointment, though we ask that you call ahead so we are able to prepare for your visit.

We are happy to schedule your canine or feline companion. If you have an emergency with your small animal, bird or reptile, we will attempt to stabilize your pet and refer you to an exotics specialist in town.

Saturday Hours - Walk In Clinic

Our hospital is open 8:00am to 12:00pm each Saturday. We serve ALL appointment types on a "first come, first serve" basis, with the exception of critical patients or emergencies. This service is reserved for our established patients. Wait times for Saturdays can range anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour or more. In the case that your pet will need continued care after hours, we will refer you to the Animal Trauma and Emergency Hospital (opens at 12:00pm).